April 1, 2023

Kamp Keowee is a private, volunteer run, summer camp offered to children and grandchildren of Lake Area Cliffs property owners.  Parents and/or grandparents registering Kamp Keowee participants must be both a POA dues-paying property owner in one of the 3 lake communities—Vineyards, Falls or Springs—and a current Cliffs Club member.  Kamp Keowee’s purpose is to offer an educational and fun-filled social/learning experience, while building strong relationships and memories between kampers, parents, and grandparents.

Kamp Keowee 2023 will conduct two separate Kamps: (1) Spaceship Keowee for ages 5-10 and                  (2) Adventure Kamp for ages 10-12. (Ten-year-old kampers may choose to attend either Kamp).

Registration fees are $185.00 (which includes a $25.00 non-refundable fee) for Spaceship Keowee and $460.00 for Adventure Kamp (which includes a $25.00 non-refundable fee).  Registration fees include the following:

  • Spaceship Keowee - All activities, T-shirt, craft supplies, snacks, and lunches.
  • Adventure Kamp - All activities, T-shirt, 2 overnight stays with meals in the Yurts at Wildwater Chattooga and transportation.

Important Notes:

    • Adventure Kamp will have a quick orientation at the Vineyards Lakehouse on Sunday, June 25 from 3:00 - 5:00 PM to go over important details, logistics & transportation for the week.
    • In order to participate in either Kamp, registration fees and ALL waiver & release forms listed on the Registration Website must be downloaded, signed and mailed to the appropriate Kamp Director listed below.  Kampers are not officially registered until all forms and registration fees are receivedPLEASE NOTE:  Witness signatures are REQUIRED on four documents.




Spaceship Keowee   Adventure Kamp
Kathy Skidmore Tom Wistar
804 Pintail Court 115 Sun Drop Court
Salem, SC 29676 Sunset, SC 29685
864-944-6809 or 864-985-9445 224-475-2858
kathyskidmore@gmail.com thomaswistar@gmail.com


Online Registration for both Kamps begins on Saturday, April 1st and ends on Friday, May 12th.   Kamp Treasurer Jan Mann will confirm registration after the directors verify receipt of all forms and registration fees.


Spaceship Keowee kampers will be accepted in the following order:

  1. Council member children and grandchildren
  2. Brothers and sisters of Adventure Kampers
  3. Returning Kampers and their brothers and sisters, and
  4. New Kampers (in date order of receipt of all paperwork and fees)


Adventure Kamp attendance will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please note:  Adventure Kamp will allow Kampers that are 13 years old only if space is available after the May 12, 2023 registration deadline has passed.  Potential 13-year-old kampers are welcome to complete the registration process, but payment will be due only after notification that there is a spot available in Adventure Kamp.

The Lake communities would like to thank The Cliffs for their valuable support as we celebrate our twelfth annual Kamp Keowee Summer Kamp for kids both young and old.


We are looking forward to a wonderful Kamp Keowee week —See you June 26-29!


Kamp Keowee Directors

Ellen Crouch   Brenda Schultz

Adventure Kamp Director

Tom Wistar

Kamp Keowee Registration

Kathy Skidmore


Jan Mann

Kathy Skidmore
Registration Coordinator

Tom Wistar
Adventure Kamp Director

Check out the photographs from previous Kamp Keowee years.
Feel free to download and make copies.
Click on kampkeowee.smugmug.com
Enter password: KampKeowee (upper and lower case sensitive)

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Ages 5-10

Spaceship Keowee Links


Ages 10-12

Adventure Kamp Links:

  • Adventure Kamp Registration
  • Adventure Kamp Information (PDF)
  • Liability and Medical Forms (PDF)
  • Photo Release (PDF)
  • Wildwater Chattooga River Waiver PDF
  • Wildwater Chattooga Ropes Waiver PDF
  • Gorge Zip Line Waiver PDF
  • Springs Adult Waiver PDF
  • Springs Minor Waiver PDF